I have minted a NFT using “NFT Creation Course” Diploma

I have Minted a NFT using the Platzi course diploma “Creación de NFT’s”

Yes, this has been a proof of concept (POC), and feels a “Hello World” on steroids. Being able to understand how this technology behind the curtain is pure intellectual pleasure.

The NFT has been minted at SolSea using Solana Labs Network

NFT creation token screenshot at SolSea

Verify the SolSea NFT creation (Minting)

You can check the original diploma here, check tocken at SolScan.io.

Mint Fee: 0.00001462 SOL – 0.001276326 USD

Thinking on the future, how far are we from seein an organization such as Credly to Sign digital badges on blockchain?

If you know any, please let me know by dropping me an email at hola@ivanchavez.me

Having as a reference, governments around the world are certifying documents using blockchain:

  • What could be the minted “PhD Honoris causa” from our next peace Nobel Prize?
  • How far we are from an independent scientific could finance their investigation against cancer, converting “White Papers” into NFT’s?
  • Are we going to see in a secondary market a diploma from our next LATAM female founder who did an IPO at NYSE?

In my point of view, the true potential of using technologies is to be discovered, and we have huge challenge to deliver blockchain-based product and services without the final user notices is using blockchains.


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