How to use Tableau visualizations in a notebook

As a Project Manager, I had the chance to work for a business intelligence (BI) Tableau partner consultant company, here I learned about Data Analytics using tableau guided by great colleagues. :thanks:

While discovering Data Analytics world noticed, notebooks are quite used for advanced analytics and more technical stuff, for example using python or R for data processing, ML/AL, modeling, etc. Those tools are so powerful, but the most popular libraries for visualization were under my eyes: “Ugly, and not willing to deliver a long code python notebook to a C-level executive”.

In another hand, also noticed software such as Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, Lookers are quite used in companies as final user delivery control panel (mainly for descriptive analytics) for operative roles, managers, directives, etc. Data Analytics solutions are great to share information with non-technical users, some of them have not long learning curve, and the best of all; having great governance and security.

I was wondering how to merge both worlds, and I figure out a way to embed Tableau Public visualizations** through HTML iFrames in a notebook.

**Server should work also, check with your IT/Infrastructure team for details…


Here’s the quick and full explained step-by-step public tutorial post:


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