Causes of Death – Our World In Data

Hello guys,

It’s Ivan again, here is my last Tableau Public project, a new tableau dashboard.

WWorld Health Organization – – Coolors Palette

As embed visualizations in sites doesn’t work that well for custom dashboard resolutions, you click here or in the image you will be re-directed to Tableau Public and will be able to play and discover insights by your own.

This is by far the most time-consuming visualization I have made, due I was experimenting by the first time how to use navigation buttons, using annotations, applying color and design principles, and trying to simulate World Health Organization ( Look and Feel).

This dashboard has 8 sections:
Menu, this is the “Landing Dashboard” and contain as miniatures 5 mini visualizations with an open button who helps to navigate through dashboard.

  1. Intro, a summary about dataset, data sources, logo, and social media.
  2. Worldwide Diseases Cause Single Select, pick a single disease and check behavior for all countries.
  3. Worldwide Multiple Disease Select, pick 1 or more diseases and compare their behavior worldwide.
  4. Worldwide Disease Bar Race, pick a disease and play with year and check how countries handled the disease.
  5. Single Country Diseases, pick a country and see their top diseases.
  6. Single Country Diseases Bar Race, pick a country and check how handled all diseases through years.
  7. Comments & Insights, the first page is introductory and there are no filters, this is a story’s collection, each story have my annotations and my insights identification.


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