Terrorism and Conflict Deaths a message for you.

As Ivan Chavez I have a message for you:
“War, conflict & terrorism, there are NO good news on human misery” We just have to learn from our mistakes, hoping we don’t repeat the same history”.

– Terrorism & Conflict

Analyzing data from “Our World In Data”, I discovered these insights and I want to share them with you In the most respectful way.

The data is just up to 2019, nevertheless, we are aware which countries will be out layers in this 2022.
This is not about your political opinion or how competitive you are, YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE YOUR COUNTRY BEING TOP IN THIS RANKING.

Please check the data out layers, and search about those historical events.

I hope as human we don’t keep repeating same historical mistakes sigh.

This image has been obtained analyzing this “Causes of Death – Our World In Data” as part of a tableau dashboard, you can find more insights here.

Visualizations talks by their self.


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